We are an IATA accredited agency authorized to sell Air tickets for all major airlines. We cater for domestic, west coast and international trips for individuals, groups and corporate.

What you get with us

  • Issuance of Electronic Tickets directly from our office on all airlines
  • Provide both domestic and international ticketing
  • Issue tickets that are competitively priced
  • Provide same day service for ticketing requests
  • Deliver ticket to corporate offices when need be.
  • An invoicing system which clearly indicates the breakdown of the ticket cost and additional service/surcharges/penalty costs
  • a dedicated responsive account manager

Charter Flights

Over the years, we have also earned a reputation for being at the forefront of the charter flight business in Ghana. Collaborations have been undertaken with a host of airline companies to organize charter flights for organizations, churches and groups. One such memorable charter flight arrangement was one organized for the Ghana National Catholic Secretariat (NCS) during the World Youth Conference in Toronto, Canada. Immediately after, and as a resultant of our success, NCS contracted Doscar to handle Charter flight arrangements for the World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany. Other charter flights recently handled successfully include a chartered flight on Swiss Aviation to Malta for members of Ghana-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry; charter flights on Bellview Airlines to Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria for golf professionals of the Achimota Golf Club; and several group travel charter packages for students and social clubs such as Girls’ Guides Association of Ghana..